After going to Bush Gothic’s concert yesterday afternoon I can say that I know a lot more about Australian history and that I have a new band to over listen to. On such a dreary afternoon, this concert was a lovely way to spend it rather than in bed wishing I was doing something.

Bush Gothic is an Australian folk band performing songs telling of daring Australian convicts, men and women alike. Songs about transportation from England, gold, and the life and times of some very iconic Australians. They put a delightful twist onto these folk songs, bringing their own flavour and interpretation. Before every song, leader of the band Jenny would explain the significance and reasoning behind the song which made it even more enjoyable to imagine the story with the music.They’ve performed all over the globe, with the Tauranga Arts Festival being their last stop for their tour. The band consists of Jenny M. Thomas on vocals, piano and the fiddle, Dan Witton on vocals and double bass and Chris Lewis on drums and piano.

What was most amazing about their performance was the sheer talent each of the members possessed. Jenny has a warm and inviting stage presence, inviting the audience in to listen to these tales, bringing us into their world. The band shared a wonderful dynamic together, watching them perform music aside was an enjoyable experience as it’s so obvious that each has such a passion for music.

Bush Gothic is a must for those who enjoy a bit of folk or just want to see a genuinely enjoyable concert. Their performance left me bubbly and informed about this culture that I know little to nothing about. Next time they go on tour, I’m sure they’d love to see you there to listen to some music from good ol’ straya.