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Schools Festival

Schools Festival

Our Schools Festival gives Tauranga and Western Bay Rangatahi the opportunity to attend a range of arts experiences.

The Schools Festival offers schools and students special matinee performances at student-friendly prices, inspiring future theatre makers, innovators and arts lovers. We also offer performances and workshops in schools.

Our team are also happy to come into schools and speak at assemblies around the festival and the schools component of the programme, and are always looking for high school students to volunteer or write reviews for shows during the festival.

This is always a highlight for schools that get in involved with this part of the festival.

Thank you to Taylor Bros Transport for supporting our young people to experience the arts.

Our next Schools Festival is scheduled during our next main festival, 21-31 October 2021. Keep an eye out here for more details.

To find out more please contact the team at info@taurangafestival.co.nz