After a raucous night on the dance floor with some friends, I sat in the corner of a bar and etched this wee blog entry gem into my notebook:

The Eastern was the perfect send off to the last night at the Arts Festival. I felt my hips automatically shaking and the ability to write had been marred by the glass of wine in one hand, a pencil and notebook in the other, while kicking off my stilettos on the dance floor. This gritty performance was like having ‘a hair of the dog’ beer for breakfast while chewing on a piece of straw..... looking over as your compadre in crime walks out onto the porch, opens a quart bottle with his teeth and cheers to the promise of a new day.

The music made your feet move unsuspectingly, until you caught a glimpse downward and realised that you were in fact dancing. A guy across me had his arm draped around his wife, tapping the small of her back as if she was a guitar fret board. The concert ended with the band filtering out into the centre of The Palace, cloaked by the crowd; and from beside me I could hear the festival chair, Glenn, exclaiming “That’s cool!”

A massive night from the lil’ band from Lyttleton that packed a lot of punch.

Outfit of choice: Black dress shorts, a black and white striped tank top, a blue blazer and a pair of heels that shouted ‘No Mercy!’

Love ‘There Is No Way That I’ll Get This Blog Posted Before 10am On Sunday’ NJ