Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

What a wild ride Tuesday was! First stop was jumping on board for the Back of the Bus dress rehearsal; like a premier screening, I wouldn’t have picked that it was actually a practice run. Without giving away too much, this dance performance was full of innovation, whimsy, fun and comical charm.

The first exasperated dancer so eloquently took me back to my bus riding days while living in Wellington and I could feel the crunch of popcorn beneath my heels. A flirtatious imp flitted about and enchanted us with her wiles, while a discomposed ‘passenger’ revealed her inner afflictions.

And here’s just a sneaky wee tip; if you are going and like myself have a penchant for wearing skyscraper stilettos, it’s best to stick to a pair of flats for the evening.

A quick sashay down The Strand in my tutu and I was back at the Crystal Palace for Die Roten Punkte. I spotted my cousin who was having a night out away from the kids and this was the perfect show to be doing so, sharing the evening out with friends at a comedic indie rock concert.

Like two teens in their garage trying to make it big, the squabbling siblings Astrid and Otto had the crowd in fits with their bickering, backchat and ballads. They sung the kind of songs that I aspire to make up with my kookiest of friends, after a few glasses of vino. I absolutely lost it during ‘Oh my God Yeah’ and I will never hear the sound of a drum kit’s kickstand in quite the same way again.

Astrid and Otto going through therapy on stage was happiness therapy for the crowd, dowsing us with a good dose of laughter is the best medicine. Thankfully the goose honking of my wayward voice had gone and I was able to talk to the Germanic duo after the show.

Outfit of choice: To fit in with the theme, I got to wear my homemade candy floss pink tutu – Yussss! A black & white striped tank and my skull candy stilettos from Dublin.

Love ‘I Want To Start A Dancing Rock Band On The Back Of A Bus Even Though I Really Can’t Sing Nor Dance’ NJ