Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

Happy Friday readers. The weekend is here and you’ve earned it.

And I have two words for you. Art exhibitions.

As we’re getting to know each other better, I feel that now is an appropriate time to start getting real. So I have a confession to make.

I’m not really an art exhibition person. Well I didn’t think I was. ‘Art exhibitions’ usually make me picture walking slowly around a room in circles, staring intensely at walls and trying hard not to make any noise. I’m not that good at any of the above. I’m a musician. It is more natural for me to stay in one place, while everyone stares at me as I make noise.

Past exhibition experiences have made me nervous because I’m never really sure how long I’m supposed to look at each piece of art. I feel that if I stay too long the people behind me will get annoyed, and if I don’t stay long enough, the artist will somehow find out that it only took me two seconds to look at their work.

Also, I never have anything intelligent to say. It’s like I can’t string a sentence together other than stating the obvious, such as “I really love that they painted a horse.”

However, I am a firm believer in doing something that scares you every day.

So I pulled myself together and went to the opening of the Incubator’s “House of Cards” exhibition. You know what? It was wonderful! Simone and her people certainly know how to put on an event that includes everyone and makes you feel at home. There was lots of noise, for starters. Everyone was dressed up to the nines - including plenty of men dressed as Alice (who the truck is Alice?), and there was food (always a win). There was also alcohol, which I don’t partake of but those who did really enjoyed it.

I didn’t feel nervous at all (it probably helps that I’m a fan of both Disney and Tim Burton, and so there was a sense of familiarity, something my inner child could cling onto.) I loved looking at the fantastical playing card themed art works, which were submitted by local artists. They are as diverse as they are incredible.

After my first successful festival-exhibition-experience I felt empowered to continue pressing forward in this area, so I attended the opening of the “Faces of Tauranga Moana”. These pictures are beautiful; in a different way- they are beautiful because they are real. And I recognised some of the faces which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Both exhibitions are open throughout the festival. I invite you to follow in my footsteps and check them out.

With love from your favourite ex-exhibition-phobe,

Leah x

And when you’re alone,

There’s a very good chance

You’ll meet things that scare you

Right out of your pants…

But on you will go

Though the weather be fowl

On you will go, though your enemies prowl…

On and on you will hike,

And I know you’ll hike far,

And face up to your problems,

Whatever they are.

-Dr Seuss