Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

Something strange has appeared on the waterfront. It’s big and it has lots of little pods and tunnels. It’s a shiny kind of grey and it also features some other simple colours. Some new people appeared too… they had neon jackets on and they sounded different to us. Curious locals walked past, enjoying the Tauranga sunshine and wondering “Is it a spaceship…? Is it a bouncy castle…?” One thing everybody quickly learned was that it is neither, especially not the second one. Never call it a b***** c***** around the neon people. They don’t like it. And fair enough too.

What is it then? It’s Arboria! A giant, interactive work of art.

Arboria is a luminarium- a sculpture of light, inspired by nature, Gothic cathedrals and Islamic architecture. It was designed by Alan Parkinson and created by the Architects of Air. I was privileged to experience Arboria last night, and while I don’t want to give too much away, I can tell you this- you won’t be disappointed. It’s good for the soul.

When I entered, I was slightly disorientated because I couldn’t choose which tunnel to go down, and then I realised that it doesn’t really matter, which was very freeing. You could go this way or that way, and you’ll still have an amazing time. One thing that struck me was that I was inside an airlock of plastic and yet I felt extremely cool, calm and collected. It really did feel similar to wandering through a forest- very natural and peaceful. And the essence of the sculpture is in fact natural- for a luminarium highlights of one of nature’s most powerful gifts- sunlight.

It’s beautiful, it’s spiritual, it’s inexpensive and it’s open to everyone.

Shalom. Peace be with you.

Leah x

You’ll come to a place

Where the streets are not marked

Some windows are lighted

But mostly they’re darked…

Do you dare to stay out?

Do you dare to go in?

How much can you lose?

How much can you win?

-Dr Seuss