Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

I’m back! Spring is too! I love this season. It brings growth and a fresh perspective. But did you know that reading also has the same effect? In fact, the other day Facebook told me that readers are the best people to fall in love with. It’s scientifically proven- something to do with higher levels of empathy and the ability to consider other opinions/beliefs/interests while holding your own. So… if you want to grow your love potential this month, you definitely need to come and immerse yourself in our Readers and Writers programme.

The best place to start on your empathy journey would be at the Crystal Palace, on Saturday the 24th. British foreign correspondent Christina Lamb will be speaking about her new book “Farewell Kabul”. After the Readers and Writers launch, my friend and I were inspired to attend Christina’s session and agreed that our curiosity had been piqued. Our first question was, “Where’s Afghanistan again?“ (Neither of us had any idea.) So I Google-checked it- step one of essential background research. I obviously still have a lot to learn.

Now remember that Spring also means that Summer is coming. To many of you, that looks like spending more time in the surf, while maintaining your healthy respect for sharks. Therefore, you have something in common with two of our other authors- Riley Elliot and Phil Jarratt. Riley surfs in his spare time, but his day job is studying sharks. The main difference between Riley and the rest of us is that he feels a “surprising calm” when he is swimming with them.

Phil has been named among Australia’s 50 most influential surfers, and He’s also a pro-writer.

Come and meet these guys on the 24th, they are speaking before and after Christina.

Just get a day pass.

With love from an attractive reader,


It’s opener there,

In the wide open air.

Out there things can happen,

And frequently do,

To people as brainy

And footsy as you.

And when things start to happen,

Don’t worry, don’t stew.

Just go right along,

You’ll start happening too.

-Dr Seuss