I had a rest day yesterday.... you know, just one show. I'm losing my voice. It kinda sounds like the remnants of having been out drinking wine all night, but I hadn't; just up all night chatting and laughing with show members.

Last night was dinner with a friend and then we quickly sauntered past the Crystal Palace up to Baycourt for Constantinople & DJ Uncle Barnie. The sounds of Brel beckoned my ears and I not so secretly wanted to cut myself in half, letting my left side slide through the open stained glass window and my right side hop on up to Baycourt.

A quick freshen up and we were greeted in the X Space with the gift of a grape. What do you do when a stranger gives you a single grape that he has personally shined on his toga for you? I shrugged and ate it.

Constantinople was what I'd describe as expect the unexpected. It was nothing like I'd seen before but totally encompassed my style of humour; a few puns thrown here and there, pockets of hidden wit and boundaries pushed with a sprinkling of inappropriateness peppered through. At one stage I cringed a little from the safety of my open hand in front of my face, where I peered out between my fingers and my eyeballs started giggling. I caught the lady across from me wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

Half way through, I had a sore mouth from laughing. I nearly went to the point of no return, but I reigned myself in because lying doubled over on the floor in the exit row snorting and drooling would've been a fire hazard. I laughed because it was clever and fresh humour, I laughed because the characters reminded me of other people and their Saturday night cider-induced dance moves, I laughed because they took it one step further, and I laughed because I was laughing so much. And then when I thought that there was possibly no more left in me, I started up again, remembering what I’d just seen.

My friend had lost it too and said "It's like a couple of kids playing around on stage." And that was so true, looking like they were having a great time entertaining us. Afterward we joined Barnie for his DJ set in the ‘Tiki Bar’ and a bunch of togas danced beneath the vines in the foyer. I could still see their smiles firmly planted from the great night that was had.

Outfit of choice: A black Grecian style Rusty dress to fit in with the theme and some cute green and gold sandals that I had to quickly repaint my chipped nails for.

Love ‘I Now Sound Like A 13 Year Old Boy’ NJ