Invitation to submit for Tauranga Arts Festival 2013 Outdoor Art Installation.

The arts festival is for everybody and every space. This year we want something to grow up, spring from, talk to Tauranga – a public art installation commissioned by Tauranga Arts Festival.

The Brief: Tauranga is a developing city and the festival is a major event in its cultural life – the works we bring to our programme are for our City to embrace and discover. We want to commission a public art installation to occupy the space which is the hub of our festival: the front yard of the Pacific Crystal Palace. This is an opportunity to significantly add to the aims, the atmosphere, and the impact of the Tauranga Arts Festival 2013.

Location: the Festival Front Yard, Outside the Pacific Crystal Palace

The Pacific Crystal Palace is the central hub of the festival where the arts come alive – this is the venue for music, theatre, readers & writers, workshops and more. The location of the Palace is in the middle of a green space nestled between two lively restaurants on the The Strand. The Palace and its front yard faces the beautiful Tauranga waterfront and out to the bridges connecting Tauranga with Mt Maunganui and with Matapihi. There is continuous foot traffic wandering past as The Strand has a high concentration of daytime and evening food and drink venues.

Google maps link:,176.170042&spn=0.009153,0.013797&sll=-37.682862,176.170042&sspn=0.001153,0.001725&gl=nz&hnear=79+The+Strand,+Tauranga,



Impact: strong visible impact, a memorable aesthetic and conceptual addition to the Festival space. An estimated 30,000+ will have contact with the space and the works happening in and around it over the duration of the festival.

Concept: we invite you to submit an idea that meets the values and aims of the Arts Festival: inspire, involve, entertain. You could contemplate how the installation might include elements of addition: can the public help create the work by adding their piece to it and realize a new meaning for public art? You provide the framework, the spark, the aesthetic and conceptual embryo and see how the people nurture it.

We want this installation to:

a) Be visible

b) Inspire curiosity and participation

c) Tell a story

Technical Specifications: It has to be able to be installed and then removed from the space at the close of the festival. You may want to consider:

- the affect of wind, rain and the sun

- only very minimal digging (inserting stakes, but not removing earth)

- the space is approximately 10m x 10m from the front of the palace to the footpath and to the fences/building walls on either side

- a project that can be realized by a realistic amount and aim for Boosted funding

Funding: the project will be launched on to invite crowd funding. Tauranga Arts Festival will use it’s website, social media and other available mediums to promote the work.

Privacy: The information that you send to Tauranga Arts Festival will solely be used for the purposes of assessing your proposal. Personal information will only be made available to the persons on the selection committee.

Copyright: The artist/s will consent to Tauranga Arts Festival 2013 using any documentation of the work to be used for Tauranga Arts Festival 2013 materials (all printed and online). All material relating to the work will have the words ‘Commissioned by Tauranga Arts Festival 2013’ associate with it. The copyright of the concept remains with the artist at all times.

Proposal Requirements: please email us a word document with the following required information:

1) your name / name of collective or group

2) your contact details: email, phone, website if applicable

3) a statement describing the work (500 words)

4) the materials that will be required

5) an image, if possible

6) a CV, bio information

Deadline: please email the proposal by 21 May 2013 to

Selection process: a shortlist will be drawn from the submissions. The shortlist will be given the opportunity to develop concept further to present to the selection committee for modest fee. One concept will be chosen as the Tauranga Arts Festival 2013 public art installation. Tauranga Arts Festival will put the project on boosted in consultation with the artist.

Tauranga Arts Festival 2013 dates are 24 October – 3 November 2013.

For any inquiries, contact us at