The stage is bright with light, music starts blasting the sounds of Africa. But this
is all interrupted by the blow of a light bulb! All you can hear is the bellowing
beautiful tone south african accent saying,
“Gordyn come here and replace the light bulb.”
From there the show takes off.

The performance is a beautiful representation of
what it is like to be a migrate from South Africa to New Zealand. Gordon is a
staunch man who is newly retired and plans to plant his routes relaxing back in
his armchair at his home in South Africa, while full on wife Helene spends her
time trying to convince Gordon that they need to migrate, because South Africa
was not safe anymore.

At the give of a string Gordan agrees to visit New Zealand
with Helene for one holiday which eventually ends up turning into retiring and
setting up roots in the land of the flightless birds with long beaks.

IMPI Theatre Company have truly created a beautiful performance, packed with
comedy but also a wonderful hit of a heart-touching story. It helped me as an
audience member to realise how hard it truly is for someone to leave their
country, the place where their routes are and move to a completely different
culture and way of living.

Robyn Paterson performs both characters Helene and
Gordyn fantastically! The way she switches from character to character is a
performance in itself, her energy on stage transfers to the audience and it would
be truly hard to have a bad time while watching her on stage.

Overall I found The South Afreakins an incredibly awesome story that will leave
you with tears of laughter and a play that leaves you in tears of emotion. The
performance is packed with full on fast energy that really is captivating.

Pick up a ticket and join Helene as she “orbits ” around the stage, telling the
incredible tale from South Africa.