Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

‘Do you speak dance? You will by the end of the show.’ Otto and Astrid’s Eurosmash concert was nothing short of a spectacle set within the perfect ambience. As the stage lights began to spin, lighting up the stained glass windows outlining the Carrus Crystal Palace, the phrase ‘Are you ready to collectively lose your shit?!’ is heard through the speakers and the interaction immediately begins. The dynamic duo appear on stage and launch straight into their first high energy musical number, clearly vibing off a very enthusiastic and welcoming audience. Within minutes, Otto and Astrid had busted down every barrier that could ever stand between a performer and their audience.

Interlaced with amusing brother and sister banter, the night followed a series of musical numbers about ‘relatable’ life experiences, with wicked percussion, guitar and harmonised vocals. The pair showed off their incredibly quick wit and impromptu humour, reacting to members of the audience who were constantly in fits of laughter. Astrid’s innuendos and Otto’s innocence were the ultimate combination. The topical jokes, including the phrase: ‘They have a new female Prime Minister, so shit’s gonna get done’ had the audience nodding and laughing in approval. Every line was a comedic hit- whether it was their failed pronunciation of many Maori place names, or Astrid pulling out a packet of Bluebird Salt and Vinegar chips for a mid-set snack. Eventually, I had no care for how loud my own embarrassing laugh may be, for I knew that whoever was laughing beside me would be louder.

The finale was incredible. Both emerged in iconic silver, glittery outfits with red heart shaped balloons attached from head to toe. Exhibiting the same high energy as they had at the very beginning of the night, the audience responded with roaring applause. One by one the balloons were popped, spreading exciting amounts of glitter across the stage. Once the cheers had finally ceased, the duo gave a huge thank you to the tech crew, festival staff and everyone who made their performance possible. As a fellows arts head, I am always filled with happiness to hear such an acknowledgement. The antics continued long after the performance, as Otto and Astrid went on to personally sell their merchandise as spectators were exiting the venue. This became a fantastic opportunity to grab a photo with them and share personal comments and kind words about the show. I found myself having a lovely conversation with the famous Otto in which we covered many topics, from classical music to just how good the mushrooms on toast are at the Nourished Eatery just around the corner. With a slight ache in my ribs, I purchased my very own ‘I Heart Otto’ pin and went on my way.