Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October
Magical Things

T'was the night before festival when all through the town
Not a creature was stirring- not even a clown.
The sun would soon rise, and the city would too
In the hopes that their festival dreams would come true.

The singers were nestled all snug in their beds
While the fairies of Hautere danced in our heads
And Ria and Teraania couldn’t wait to present
The waiata penned for this special event.

As the sun rose, the fairies departed
And the singers arrived to complete what they started
In front of the water we sang to a crowd
Our voices were strong and our spirits were proud.

The sun in the sky who was peaking through holes
Gave a sparkly hue to the ocean- like gold.
Then after warm drinks and a lot of good cheer
The magic began as two shows premiered.

First a one-actor show he calls “Squaring the Wheel”
Some nonsense and brilliance that’s sure to appeal
To mummies and daddies, and grandparents too
And the children were giggling all the way through.

Stop laughing! Stop laughing!
The actor would say
As he did special tricks
That just blew them away
On a machine like the one
In Chitty-bang-bang
With funny little hooks
On which babies would hang (you had to be there) (it’s all ok with OSH) (promise).

And then, just like that, the show came to an end
The wonderful actor and his imaginary friend
Answered some questions from the children so curious
Before the next show began- something very luxurious…

A circus show centered on “Finding the Silence”
Powerful visuals achieved using balance
Flying through air as if floating in water
(But don’t teach these moves to your son or your daughter).

Their eyes- how they focused! Their muscles- how strong!
Their arms were like wings, their legs moved along…
And before you knew what was happening, they were on the next move
It was dangerous, intense and velvety smooth.
It was easy to watch, with little distraction
Just beautiful shapes (and plenty of action).

If you missed Thursday’s magic- it will happen again
On Friday at Baycourt – check the programme for when.

And now I will add, while I’m sat here to write-
Happy festival to all... you’ll find it’s just right.

“And the magical things you can do with that ball…
Will make you the winningest winner of all.” – Dr Seuss