The Shuffle Demons jived into the Crystal Palace, wove through the crowd and filtered onto the stage in the only band conga line entrance that I’ve ever seen. As I watched them bop around, I discovered that the white portable chairs in the palace are perfect for rocking back and forth in time to the beat. This was the kind of jazzy music that I’d want to come, hang out and listen to with a large glass of wine, at the end of each week.

This five piece Canadian band wearing hand-painted suits and an Egyptian pharaoh were a fun addition to the Arts Festival, that livened up hump day. They were cool behind their dark sunglasses on stage; playing the alluring sax that would charm asps, the toe tapping drumbeat and the double bass that was taken to extraordinary places. I went from feeling like a black cat in a midnight alleyway slinking across clattering dustbin lids, to gliding out in the ocean with the whales, to feeling like I was swinging vines with Tarzan in the jungle. ‘Cheese on Bread’ was an entertaining highlight.

An applauding set to pick up this weary blogger, mid-way through the festival.

Outfit of choice: My ‘rock the fox’ shift dress from Notting Hill and my trusty old black Mi Piaci pumps.

Love ‘I Can Never Get Enough Jazzy Music’ NJ


Ps. I also went to ‘I, George Nepia’, but my guest blogger was so enthralled by the show, that she insisted upon writing its blog review.