Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

I walked into the Tauranga Art Gallery this afternoon and could barely get through the door. The place was abuzz of people reflected beneath the neon lights and metal installations of Gregor Kregar. Faces faded up the stairs and peeped out from balcony pockets in anticipation of what was to come; a performance from the cast of The Brave and an opportunity to meet five of the All Blacks. The emotionally brave theatre performers from Massive Company alongside the physically brave national sport stars who put their bodies on the line.

I was worried. Since I’m not a regular rugby watcher (my father is probably shaking his head from his grave), I didn’t know if I’d recognise who everyone was waiting for. But I did, along with the mums, dads, grandparents, and infants dressed as baby All Blacks. It was cute central.

Through the gaps in between heads, The Brave teased me with what’s to come at tonight’s show. It was like eating one delicious hors d’oeuvre when you’re really hungry and having the tray taken away. I can’t wait to see what else they will serve, in their final show tonight.

Highlights from this lunchtime treat included Joshua’s ‘question’ to Israel Dagg stating “My Dad’s your biggest fan.” I’d be proud as punch if he were my child, because that was indeed very brave. And I cannot forget watching the proud smiles of adoration from children and adults as they came away from the autograph table clutching their newly signed gear; the essence of happiness emanating from their faces. It must be truly awesome to be admired on a large scale, just for being you.

See you tonight at The Brave, 7:30pm at Baycourt Theatre, or meet me for a dance at Nine Mile Stone at The Crystal Palace 10:30pm.

Love ‘I Got A Photo With Liam Messam’ NJ


PS. Got a chance to catch up with some of the Knee Deep performers who are looking forward to their final show tonight. Natano said he wished that they could’ve stayed longer, but you know… they’re off on their Europe tour tomorrow. How lucky were we to get them here in Tauranga, for their first time in NZ?!