Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

On a day like today where you feel that summer is tapping on your shoulder and waving at you, it’s hard not to appreciate the awesome place that we live in, particularly with amazing opportunities right on our doorstep. It’s less than a week to go until kick off for the Arts Fest and I’m already salivating at the good things to come.

I’m easily impressed with people who manage to put their bodies on the line and present something with great mastery and skill. I manage to walk up and down The Mount a few times per week to keep my passion for eating good food under control, and for the rocking view. But when people take it to the next level, I tend to drop my jaw and probably look a little like one of those clowns with mouths agape at a carnival side show.

Knee Deep is a performance by Australian circus company Casus, coming to town to show off their 'how did they do that that?' skills with absolute grace. I've watched the YouTube clip and read 'this is an awe inspiring show' reviews and I am intrigued and can't wait to have the breath knocked out of me.

The Java Dance Company has a group of dancers performing physical comedy in an hour trip through Tauranga in Back of the Bus. They'll be hanging from the roof, while you sit back not wanting to get off. I’m going to the dress rehearsal, so I can give you the scoop on how it goes. Is this the perfect opportunity for me to wear my tutu, or what!

And just to really give you the wow factor, there is A Festival of Russian Ballet with pirouetting princes and princesses from the major ballet schools of Moscow and Perm. As much as I'd like to think that I am graceful on my tippy toes after a few bevvies, these lithe danseurs will most definitely show up my two left feet, one hundred fold.

Can’t wait for a bit of wonderment!

Love ‘Will I Want To Run Away And Join The Circus?’ NJ