Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

Described as “dirty and dangerous,” LIMBO certainly did not disappoint. From the moment you
walk into the theatre to the moment you walk out, this performance captures you every second.
From seemingly death-defying stunts to toe-tapping tunes that’ll make you want to get out of your
seat and boogie, LIMBO left me simply wanting more.
The charms of this extraordinary circus-cabaret allowed me to be immersed completely for almost
every moment of the performance.

As soon as the live band, lead by the charismatic Sxip Shirey
entered the stage to the sound of harmonica, beat-boxing, and wicked vocals; we as an audience
entered the world of LIMBO. This world is a spectacle - you never know what is going to happen
next. All the performers were so multi-talented; they fill many roles on the stage. I watched one
performer go from doing an insane tap-dance number, to playing the bass, to balancing high in the
air on a pole. These people almost become characters who you are rooting for as they interact with
each other, creating a magic environment in this space. My eyes never left the stage as I didn’t want
to miss a single thing.

I couldn’t help but ask myself throughout the show - “now how on earth did
they do that?!” A special shoutout must go to the live band, who I felt were a key element in
creating the overall atmosphere of the show. At some points, they controlled the contortions of the
performers with their tunes, which was riveting to watch.
As an audience member, the performers definitely don’t leave you out of the magic. You were a part
of the show - with performers jokingly flirting with particular people in the front, or getting us to
clap along to the beat. And I could easily tell from my seat in the middle of the crowd, that the
audience were loving being part of the action.

All around me I could hear gasps, cheers, and lots of
“wow!” This added to the overall experience as you felt completely captivated; I didn’t even notice
time flying by as I witnessed stunts that had me open-mouthed in shock.
LIMBO was from start to finish a magical spectacle. Every aspect of the performance was
enthralling, shocking, and well-thought out - hats off to director Scott Maidment for creating an
immersive and exciting show!

- Danielle Sigley, 20, University of Auckland