• WHEN Saturday 2nd June, 08:00pm
    Sunday 3rd June, 08:00pm
  • WHERE X Space, Baycourt
  • TICKETS Admission $35
    (*TECT $28)
    *TECT Earlybird offer ends 25 May 2018. Booking fees apply.
  • DURATION 8pm-9pm

A joyful comedy from a heavy heart.

My Best Dead Friend is a one-woman storytelling comedy theatre show based on real-life events, following Anya Tate-Manning as an 18-year-old and her four best friends - a group of rebel geeks recently emancipated from the torturous shackles of high school.

Restless and hopped up on reading Karl Marx they set out on a night of vigilante poetic justice on the streets of their hometown. In an attempt to liberate their conservative rugby-loving Dunedin - with its toxic masculinity and lack of party invitations for unpopular high school kids - they take to the streets armed with chalk and the poetry of various New Zealand poets.
Triumphantly, they chalk poetry across the streets of the sleepy town, from the University all the way to the Octagon, confident that the revolution will be incited once the workers rise in the morning and behold what has been done.

Sponsored by Hollister-Jones Lellman.