Save the date 2021 Festival 21-31 October

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Tauranga Arts Festival was on. Two years ago when Richie held up that shiny Rugby World Cup, when the Rena lifted her skirt and peed along our coastline, and when I flitted from stage show to concert, blogging about the Tauranga Arts Fest. Call me crazy, but I managed to work a full-time job, go to 27 shows in ten days and write daily about my experiences. And after last time, I’m ready to rock ‘n roll again!

To those who umm and ahhhh about the Arts Fest or aren’t quite sure what it’s about, I implore you to pick up the pocket-sized show guide or jump online and have a wee nosey at the fab stuff that will be happening. The fantastic part is that there are world-class acts right at our backdoor, just waiting for your viewing pleasure. Trust me on this and my previous blitz of show viewing madness!

Last time I started with an ‘oh yeah, this looks good’ attitude and came out the other end with a ‘that was completely awesome’ outlook. Being taken aback by the calibre, the hidden gems, and the ability for some of the shows to either render me in awe and speechless or with a sneaky tear tapping away at my mascara.

This year I am ready to sink my teeth into another delicious looking programme and all of the tasty treats it has to offer. Like a mouth-watering menu, the up-coming Tauranga Arts Festival will serve up yet another meal that leaves your palate lingering and begging for just one more bite. Check out the programme, book in your must-dos and I will see you there!

Love NJ