• WHERE TV3 Crystal Palace
  • TICKETS $40 ($32 TECT)
    Booking fees apply
  • DURATION 90mins (plus interval)

Long story short...These cats can play!

What do you get when you cross three amazing saxophonists, with a crazy dancing drummer and a killer upright bass player and have them sing songs about Buses, Roaches and Hockey and spend 1/2 their time playing in the audience? The Shuffle Demons, that's what!!! They were a band that captured the imagination of a generation with their antics and amazing no holds barred playing and stopped traffic on a regular basis. And now they're back and in Tauranga for one, demon-tastic night!

‘The oversized, viscerally appealing rhythms, the smart and tightly executed horn arrangements and passionate improvisatory flights combine for a mighty wallop.’ Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen

Find out more at www.shuffledemons.com

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